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A branding agency committed to the mastery of our craft and the flourishing of our people™

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We create impact with design and tech.

We will deal with your business challenges, but it’s done with your ‘purpose and meaning’ as the lens, through which we see your place in the world. Why should your audience even care about your brand on an emotional level, and if they do, then how would you like to engage with them? As it turns out, the answers to these questions are almost always directly related to the purpose and meaning of your brand.

We’re based in Nairobi but have a network of dedicated professionals across East Africa and Europe to help bring your ideas to life around the clock. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to bring together a wealth of skills and knowledge and quickly scale it to adapt to any business. Our purpose is empowering. We are committed to building an enduring company that helps our customers succeed. We’re hyper focused on doing better, and being better at every single thing we do. Heck, we want to be known for it. If we don’t know something, we learn it. If we need help, we ask for it. If there’s a ceiling, we break it - and help others break theirs. Our biggest competitor is ourselves. Anyone can design a product, but it takes a creative industry knowledge to deliver cutting-edge results. We take pride in not only the finished product, but also the steps along the way such as effective communication, transparency, and problem solving.

There’s no single one-fits-all definition of purpose, but here are some of the questions that inform our work.

Is it meaningful?

Can the user relate to the experience and connect it to something already known? Is your brand, product, service or experience adding tangible value to the everyday life of the user, or is it intrinsically connected to improving society?

Is it engaging?

Social interaction is a powerful tool for both learning and play, and every experience should aim to be genuinely engaging. Can people participate, influence and affect your brand offerings?

How is the experience?

We aim to explore together how to create future products, services, and experiences that are designed to empower people, drive social change, and build a more sustainable world.

Is it socially inclusive & transparent?

Different people are going to go on different journeys. We are not our users, and we take care that the brands we work with, develop a nuanced understanding of the global consumer. Relative to this, openness, trust, and transparency are key to building a modern brand.


We imagine, design, and engineer brand programs and platforms for companies that believe in the craft.



Brand Identity

Branding is what connects a company with its community. In a communication landscape that is digitally-led, strategies that bring human interactions to technology have never been more important.



Branded eCommerce

eCommerce isn’t just a platform or an isolated strategy; it is a key expression of your brand with the potential to transform your business and direct-to-consumer initiatives.



Websites Designs

User experience is more than just design; it's a strategic offering that brings together data-driven insights, cultural behavior, brand, technology, and creative vision.



Digital Marketing

When we partner with a brand, we help them define their story. To express their story, we create original branded campaign content that engages and connects with people.



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