Evaluate the entire user-journey of everyone who visits your website.

100% Accurate website traffic data

  • Easily visualize your results in various formats: chart, cohort, pivot table, boxplot, map, counter, sankey, sunburst and word cloud
  • Packed with all the necessary tools including Heatmaps, Sessions Recordings, A/B Testing, Funnels, Goals, and Form Analytics
  • Benefit from Enhanced SEO Features, that allows you to see your Search Engine ranking while comparing with your competitors
  • Tag Manager to easily track any action or event to grow your business faster improve website speed and reduce risks
  • Take the challenge: Compare your Google Analytics data against your Eazzy Labs Analytics data

Visualization types

Charts: Line, Bar, Area, Pie, ScatterLive VisitorsBeautiful DesignAcquisitionEcommerceGoalsFunnelsA/B TestingSession RecordingMedia Analytics

Benefit from a well designed interface with premium web analytics capabilities to enhance your analytics.

  • Integration with Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Consoles for SEO
  • Conversion Optimization to allow you to accurately analyse user-experience
  • Roll-Up Reporting – combine reporting from multiple websites
  • Understand your customers for a higher ROI
  • Use Heatmaps to discover and fix customer pain points
  • Use query results as data sources to join different databases
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