Data Analysis & Management

Data Analysis & Management tuned for tracking the entire data journey by Eazzy Labs Business Intelligence

Data Analysis & Management specializes in tracking the entire data journey: from defining objectives and KPIs to implementing the necessary tracking to allow you to measure these, and onto data visualisation.

Visitor Analytics

Having accurate data at your fingertips empowers you in infinite ways: from measuring the success of your new website to understanding the ROI of your latest marketing campaigns. We’ll set up and audit your Analytics account to ensure your data is accurate and relevant to your organisation’s objectives.

Business Intelligence

If you’re not clear what you’re trying to measure, you end up with data for data’s sake, with no ability to analyse and improve. Our approach is to work with you to establish your website’s objectives, KPIs and metrics tied back to your wider organisational goals. We’ll get to the heart of the numbers that matter, and we’ll help you measure and visualise that data.

Tag Manager

Tag Management is a free tool that allows you to track everything from resource downloads to e-commerce transactions on your website. We’ll help you track all the important tasks users carry out on your site or app.

Data Visualization

Our interactive dashboards, built to your specification, enable you to tell stories with your data, and make decisions. Whatever it is you need to see, we’ll build you a dashboard that works for your organisation.


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